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ANTS Online
ANTS Online is a Hosted (Online) Tax Notice Management platform that provides a solution for all of your tax notice administration needs.
ANTS Online is hosted on our secure servers. It comes with standard drop down options for all of the work flows, client and agency response letters. The system allows you to customize the drop down options throughout the system and create or edit template letters. With ANTS Online you’ll have the ability to standardize and streamline all aspects of your tax notice administration.

ANTS Online comes with Pre-formatted drop down menu options and user-defined categories that allow for quick and accurate tax notice entry. The Active Notice Listing screen (Dashboards) allow you to customize the column order and what data is displayed to meet your company’s individual needs. No waiting for IT to add features when you can add them yourself as drop down options.

Tax Notice Entry Options:

           Quick Tax Notice Entry™ Work Flow ensures your notices can be entered

           effortlessly, get new notices into the system and tracked as soon as they come

           in. Plus, ANTS Online tracks duplicate and sequential notices with completion

           workflows for each.

           Bulk Tax Notice Entry: Enter a single notice and attach multiple clients to the

           notice. (System level notices that affect multiple clients).


How else does ANTS Online help with Tax Notice Management?

 ü  Uses Unlimited Notice Types to ensure you can track each and every notice type your organization receives.  

 ü  Work Flows for entering, researching, creating letters and documenting all individual notice activity.

ü   Organizes your work - No more losing notices or other notice related paperwork when you scan documents and attach them onto an individual notice.

 ü  Agency Screens standardize all Agencies departments, addresses, contacts, websites, e-services utilities with notes on when to use them and how.

 ü  Closed Notice Work Flow ensures notices are closed for good and includes follow up, avoidable actions and billing tracking.

 ü  Built in Agency and Client communication Template Letters based off of notice types, lots to choose from, you can edit them and create custom ones as needed. When opened on a notice you can make changes and insert database fields with values, any changes are saved on the individual notice. 

ü  User defined time lines for; notice, agency, follow up, completion and resolution dates helps users track of all of their active tasks and when to expect notices to be resolved by.

 ü  Dashboard; Active Notice Listing allows users to open, view and update notices in priority order. Filter the screen to see Past Due, Due in the Current Week or for a given CSR, Group, Tax Rep, Agency or Notice Type. Customize the list and Export the list as needed.

 ü  Reporting at the Client, Notice and the System levels ensures robust reporting throughout the application. Built in management reports to show you what you need to know when you need to know it. No more long hours putting the reports together for management. Notice completion notes and history shows what was done on each notice in chronological order to see the string of events.

ANTS Online comes with Help Screens and Videos on all modules and features to ensure getting setup and using the system is simple. The only thing needed to start using ANTS Online is to enter your clients/companies. We have work flows that make ading clients quick and simple.  

ANTS Online is designed for companies that want to better manage the tax notices they receive. We manage the technology side of the system while you get to realize the benefits of using it. The system has all of the features that Agency Matters has developed over the past 5 years. Our security is industry standard with database encryption on all client data. See our Privacy Policy for more details about the system security.

Technologies Used: ANTS Online is a Windows Silverlight based application. All software needed to run ANTS Online is free to download.  (Windows Internet Explorer (IE) 10 or higher, Microsoft Silverlight, Windows Media Player)


Still have questions, review our Frequently Asked Questions page: Click Here 

Sign up today to start realizing the benefits of using a system that was specifically designed to help streamline and automate tax notice administration. 

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